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Rough Sea
29 April 2018

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13 April 2013

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Tiny Crock....
19 March 2012

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5 January 2012

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15 November 2010

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Colors of flame..
27 June 2009

Recent Comments

Richard on Who invented "bokeh" to simply mean "out of focus"
Its nothing ore than an out of focus Photograph. Do you not understand depth of field?

divya on "Art out of waste"
Omg its awesome

Manmath on Vivid Panorama.....
Too good a shot.....just everything is perfect..

Sid on Valley View in between Ooty & Coonoor

omid on Happy Mother....
wow! very nice & beautiful!!!!

☺ ► ƸɼiϾ ◄ ☼ on Happy Mother....
nice shoot, god job ram ☺

Loner on Happy Mother....
A fantastic bird ! Is this a Lesser Crested Tern (Sterna bengalensis) ?

Vinod on Happy Mother....

omid on A beautiful Sunset amidst the paddy fields...
very nice!

Sam on A beautiful Sunset amidst the paddy fields...
Beautiful capture off the golden Sun. Great. :)

Sam on Catty.....
Beautiful portrait. Nice smile. Lovely reflections :)

Siddharth on Gayatri & Savitri posing for me... :)

uvaraj on A perfect Moon Set.......
!!! *** Happy New Year :) *** !!!

Magda on Fear is in the eyes of the beholder!!!
amazing capture

Magda on A Wide view of the 812 years Old Sculptures....
this is really nice Ram!

Magda on Textures of Nature....
nicely done

Magda on A Dog's View..
great perspective

Magda on The Ape's world...
the detail is quite stunning!

Hiro on A Dog's View..
Nice point of view !

Hiro on Friends for life.... The Camera and ...... :)
Nice soft feelings.

Hiro on Textures of Nature....
Nice details. I like it.

Hiro on Wait for me by moonlight...
Nice poetic capture.

Rémi Côté on Wait for me by moonlight...
Simple but beautiful!

K V Sarath Chandra Mouli on Expressions..... 3
Good Capture Ram.

Hiro on Make Up....
Beautiful ornament. You captured it nicely.

Hiro on Sculptures of Beluru....
Wonderful sculpture.

Dave on Step up...
Love your pictures!!! The best of luck ! - follow me on facebook

PRASHANT on Sculptures of Beluru....

uvaraj on Sculptures of Beluru....
details and treatment are really fine; nice work :)

Shruthi on Sculptures of Beluru....
Soooperb work!

Hiro on Step up...
Nice colorful shot.

MARIANA on Step up...
beautiful ;)

Marie on Step up...
Lovely... A very nice colors...

Vasumathi Sridharan on Expressions..... 3
What a sweet little girl. Will grow up to be a sweeter bookworm I hope :)

Vasumathi Sridharan on Step up...
Sigh. I wish I had feet like that :-) But I wish she was wearing tighter jeans.. that looks a little odd here. But ...

Hiro on Expressions..... 3
So cute.

Hiro on Belur..... Home to Ancient Architecture...
Nice capture. Beautiful architecture. Thank you for sharing.

Hiro on Arial View of Shravanabelagola town at dawn...
Wonderful landscape. What is the smoke ? Does it mean something religious ?

Michael behlen on Arial View of Shravanabelagola town at dawn...
Amazing shot! Lovely!

Vasumathi on Rangan....
Loved his bunny teeth and the cap. Can I have that cap please? :)

Srividya Rmanath on A painting of lord "Ganesha"
sir, cud i know how u got this? becos i have the same painting with me

Hiro on Fear is in the eyes of the beholder!!!
Is he playing in the water ? Or...

Shahryar on Fear is in the eyes of the beholder!!!
great :)

mohkum on Fear is in the eyes of the beholder!!!
Wonderful capture! Congrats

PRASHANT on Elegance....
Wow...Wonderful mood.

PRASHANT on Fear is in the eyes of the beholder!!!
Great capture...

Rayak on Fear is in the eyes of the beholder!!!
Superb compo and b&w processing.

k@ on Elegance....
Your light and the general atmosphere sure talk with elegance.

Hiro on Sunset @ a construction site...
This is great, Ram ! Interesting way of depicting a sunset.

DowsherVision on Dawn in monotone....
Beautiful sight and capture !!!

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